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A Tribute to Dr. KuoDi Jian,

Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Cybersecurity

KuoDi Jian

Our dear friend and colleague, KuoDi Jian, Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Cybersecurity, passed away on November 27th, 2020. KuoDi was a valued member of faculty, and very engaged in issues of racial justice through the Faculty of Color Mentorship Program. He was a person of exceptional kindness and character. He left behind his wife, his 12 year-old son, and a daughter who is a faculty member at Bethany Lutheran College. He will be sorely missed.

KuoDi and the Computer Science and Cybersecurity Department, September 2019

A Tribute to Dr. KuoDi Jian, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Cybersecurity

Nantawan Lewis, Ph.D., 

Professor of Ethnic and Religious Studies 

Coordinator of Faculty of Color Mentorship Program (FOCMP)


As a tribute to our colleague, KuoDi , I would like to share my experience working with him and having him as a colleague.

KuoDi to me is a person of commitment and who lived it.  He was committed to our university mission and wanted to be part of it. 

When we had meetings to discern our understanding and experience of being non- white faculty and faculty of color in FY 17, KuoDi attended every one of them.  When we collectively proposed that FOCMP is a place for the university to offer structural support for us to do our work and to realize our commitment to the university, KuoDi smiled, nodded his head and said I agreed.

He understood that FOCMP is an important tool to enhance the university’s capacity to serve a multi racial and multi-ethnic population in the Twin Cities and joined the program. 

This year, he served as a FOCMP committee member with pleasure and contributed to the work of the program with his smile.  As the program coordinator, I relied on his support and knew that he would always be there for us.  KuoDi never missed any meeting, and worked tirelessly to help me with the FOCMP website.  Please go to to view some of his contributions. His picture is still there under committee.  He was our website administrator, continuing the ground work of Jigang Liu, and collaborated with IT staff to get the needed work done.  KuoDi was with me everywhere when I needed his expertise and never missed the deadlines.

KuoDi helped organize and facilitated FOCMP P/T workshops this fall, and agreed to mentor two colleagues because we did not have enough senior faculty to work with new faculty.

Our program treasures him and his contribution.  We were privileged to have him in our community and in our lives. 

The passing of KuoDi is a great loss to FOCMP and is a loss to the university community. 

He will be deeply and dearly missed. 

Nantawan Lewis